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Blue Belt Technologies, Inc

Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. develops and commercializes robotics-assisted technologies for use in orthopedic surgery and other specialties. It offers the Navio surgical system, a robotic-assisted technology that integrates handheld intelligent instruments with a CT-free registration and patient-specific planning process, for use in orthopedic surgery and other surgical specialties.

Blue Belt’s Navio surgical system provides robotic assistance for partial and total knee replacement surgery through CT-free navigation software and a unique hand-held, robotic bone-shaping device. Smith & Nephew, which acquired the company in 2016, plans to expand its capabilities into revision knee arthroplasty, bi-cruciate retaining knee arthroplasty, total hip arthroplasty and sports medicine indications.

InnovaHealth Partners’ predecessor firm, HealthpointCapital, invested in Blue Belt Technologies in 2011. The company was acquired by Smith & Nephew in 2016. Mortimer Berkowitz III served as Chairman of Blue Belt Technologies prior to its sale to Smith & Nephew.