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Reporting from DeviceTalks Boston

We attended DeviceTalks Boston this week, which focused on device innovation and industry trends. One of the key themes at the event was Women’s Health, a device segment where there has historically been significant under-investment. The segment has recently been gaining considerable momentum, as indicated by the M&A transactions of Focal Therapeutics and Cianna Medical, and that was reflected at DeviceTalks. Hologic CEO Steve MacMillan spoke at the event’s keynote dinner, describing not only his experience leading a turnaround at the company but the technological gains between 2D and 3D mammography – and how breast cancer screening still has room to improve. The following morning DeviceTalks hosted a panel on how attention to Women’s Health is evolving. The panelists discussed the need for solutions to enroll more women in clinical trials, broadening our understanding of how men and women may experience disease and symptoms differently and addressing disparities in care delivery and outcomes. They stressed that women don’t have a lot of time, so innovation must focus not only on addressing clinical needs, but convenience and getting women back to work and their families as soon as possible. With women making the vast majority of healthcare decisions for the family and household, there is also an increased role for patient education and marketing as women more fully explore their conditions and treatment options.

We found the conference to be an inspiring update on the state of the industry and an insightful celebration of medtech innovation.